Tuesday, April 26, 2011

hong kong

so yesterday was not as productive as i had hoped. i seem to have caught a cold in my travels and spent most of the day in bed. boo.

so here are some of my favorite pictures from our days in hong kong. it was so much fun to have davis show us his neighborhood, school and favorite places in hong kong. it was so great to see him so comfortable and knowledgeable about the city. he made a great tour guide. 

some of the highlights of hong kong were taking the tram up to the peak and getting the most amazing view of the city. trying new foods ant some of davis' favorite restaurants and taking a boat around the harbor at night. the city was so gorgeous and i can see why davis chose there to study. 
it is such an amazing experience for him and i am so glad that we
got to be a part of it. 

xo cbe

the peak 

davis's favorite burger place, said it tasted just like back home. not so much.

dad checking out his burger

i opted for fries :)

out front at davis' school. it was a very cool setting, lots of activity. 

a side street by davis' apartment

mom and her chai :)

biggest beers ever. 

a great meal at one of davis' favorite places. we got a bunch of grilled
veggies and davis ran down the street for fried dumplings. yum. 

a view of the city from on top of the peak. it was the perfect day. 

view of the harbor at night, not the best picture. but it was beautiful. 

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