Wednesday, April 27, 2011

guilin, china

after we left hong kong we flew to guilin, china. we had heard so many wonderful things about guilin but had no idea what to expect other then what we had seen and read online. 

we flew in at night so we were unable to get a good idea of our surroundings. we stayed at the shangri la and it was amazing. the staff was so sweet.  when we checked in we met with the concierge and planned out our time there. we wanted to tour the li river and see the rice terraces. we set up a private tour with a guide to take us down the li river in a speed boat to the village of yangshuo.

we got up the next morning and met our guide, david. he took us to the river where we met our captain and got a first look at our "speed" boat. it looked like anything but......

we spent the morning and into mid afternoon cruising down the li river. it was so beautiful. everywhere you looked was picture perfect and completely overwhelming. it is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been and one of the coolest experiences of my life. when we arrived at yangshou we walked around the village and then had lunch. it was a perfect day. 

the second day we planned to tour the rice terraces 2 and half hours outside of guilin. we met david in the morning and began the drive. the road was windy and narrow. david told us they have a saying in chinese, "old driver, new car", and after that drive i completely understand. we arrived at the rice terraces a little before 11am and began to make our way to through the small village and up to the top of the mountain to view all of the rice terraces. 

it was once again breathtaking. we had perfect weather. once we made it to the top we took in the views and then made our way back into the village for lunch.

after we left the rice terraces we went to the reed flute caves. i have never been to any caves before and was blown away. 

here are some of my favorite pictures from our time in guilin. it was such a beautiful place and i hope i can go back sometime in the future. 

xo cbe

our speed boat 
ready for our adventure

water taxis, they were everywhere. they were basically small rafts made out of pvc pipe and lawn chairs. 

reed flute caves

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