Saturday, April 9, 2011

almost time for an adventure......

i leave for China in 4 days!!!! I feel so overwhelmed with all of the things i need to get done before i go. i keep making list after list, double, triple and quadruple checking them. i know i am going to forget something important.......oh well, that's what makes it an adventure.

i have been googling images of all of the places we will be visiting and i am so excited!!!! i never in my life thought i would be going to China! it will be great to see Davis again and have him show us around the city. i can't believe he has been living there the past few months! he's so brave :)
tonight i am going to do laundry and begin packing. i always pack too much so i am going to try to avoid that this trip by bringing pieces that can do double duty. i recently purchased a black skirt from target that can also be worn as a dress, two outfits in one! it's light weight cotton and perfect for travel. we will be doing a lot of plane travel while in China so i want to make sure i pack items that are comfortable and don't take up much space.

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