Wednesday, January 4, 2012


new year, new me. i have never really made new years resolutions and i don't want to start now.....however.....

i do have a few things that i would like to do, but i don't think they are resolutions per say. 
i would, along with the rest of the world, would like to get in better shape. i want to try to eat better. be more thoughtful about the food i put into my body. a few months ago i went on a juice diet and it was amazing. i want to try to do it again, soon. i guess that is my non-resolution #1.

non-resolution #2: read more books. i would like to try to read one new book a month. any suggestions are welcome. 
non-resolution #3: paint my nails every week. i have kind of become known for my nails at work, silly i know. i don't want to disappoint my public. i have about a million different nail polishes so an addition to this non-resolution would be to not buy any more new polishes!
non-resolution #4: learn a new skill. i have always wanted to learn to knit, maybe this is finally the year. 

i am sure i will add to this list. i would like to keep up with my blog on a more regular basis, that can be #5. 

i hope all of you have had a wonderful start to 2012.

chat soon!! xox cbe

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