Monday, October 17, 2011

baking in heels

so the other day i had a very long day at work. the store was busy, people were rude and all i wanted to do was go home, put on my comfy sweats and relax.

when i got home i remembered that mom brought me back a bag of michigan apples and i still needed to use them. i always celebrate the start of fall by making my grandma's country apple pie. it's perfectly fall and soooo yummy. 

i was not really in the baking mood so i thought about ways to cheer myself up. and i thought, what's more cheery then cherry red pumps? they hurt my feet if i ever actually wear them out of the house but they are so pretty on! so, i decided that i would bake in heels.

i might actually bake more in heels. there was something about being oh so domestic and feeling oh so sexy while doing it. i may not be able to wear pretty heels in real like so i think i will continue to wear them in my kitchen. 

wonder what i will bake next and which heels will i wear???

xoxo cbe

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