Monday, June 27, 2011

happy birthday chelsea!!

little miss chelsea had her 22nd birthday the other day and we all got to celebrate with her. her mom, dad and brother drove in from kansas, it was great to finally meet them. we ate dinner at brother's bar and then came back to our house for a little cake and celebration. 
awhile ago i had asked chelsea what her favorite dessert was and she said she loved strawberries and white chocolate. i thought and thought about what to make and finally settled on strawberry cake with white chocolate frosting. i had never made strawberry cake before and the boxed kinds always seem to taste so artificial. so once again smitten kitchen saved me with her pink lady cake. it was soooooooo wonderful!!! for the frosting i used my favorite chocolate recipe and used white instead of milk. i think the end result was great!! so pretty and pink and perfectly chelsea. 

happy birthday chelsea!!!

xoxo cbe

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