Thursday, June 16, 2011

cleaning out the fridge

today i began to tackle the task of organizing and cleaning the kitchen. i have been meaning to do this for a while now and i finally have more free time then i know what to do with. i thought that cleaning out the fridge would be the best place to start. i am so embarrassed by the contents that i found, many of which had grown new forms of mold that i am pretty sure i should have sent of to nasa or something.........
after i cleaned out the remains of the nuclear food war that was my fridge i began to think about what to make for dinner. i settled on quiche even though i have never made it before. 
i had a bunch of random cheeses but only small amounts, fresh broccoli and left over grilled red peppers and potatoes from last nights dinner. i also had pre-made pie crust, eggs and evaporated milk. 
i am so happy with the end result and i am now going to be making quiche whenever i need to use up my leftovers. 

tomorrow i plan on finishing up operation kitchen clean up by going through the pantry. i also plan on baking something really fun that i can't wait to share!

xoxo cbe 

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