Monday, May 30, 2011

my memorial day adventures

we are planning on having some friends over tonight to grill and hang. i woke up this morning and cleaned the house and made a cake. i was going to make the strawberry summer cake again since it was such a big hit but i didn't have enough strawberries. i did however have a bunch of raspberries. i decided to also add coco to the cake. i think it turned out great but i have yet to try it. 

after i finished baking i went thrifting with my wonderful friend alicia. we went to two goodwills and came home with some wonderful finds. because of memorial day they were having a big sale, 50% off everything!!!!!

i found a small wooden table for the deck. i have been looking for something little just to hold my morning cup of coffee and my book. i was so excited when i came across the able of my dreams. i also found a wonderful little leather ottoman to use an extra seat in my living room, it's adorable. and last but certainly not least........i found a balling ball, bag and shoes!!! the ball is the correct weight and the shoes fit perfect!!!

i am a very happy camper. 

hope you all had a wonderful memorial day!

xoxo cbe

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