Friday, May 20, 2011

chocolate espresso cupcakes

the weather here has been super rainy the past week and i for one am not complaining. it hardly rains here so i welcome the chance to wear my rain boots.

this past tuesday i was invited to dinner at my friends house and i wanted to bring dessert. since the weather was grey and gloomy i settled on chocolate cupcakes, always a safe bet. as i was pulling the ingredients out of the cabinet i saw a can of unopened espresso and a light bulb went off.  i added 3 tablespoons of espresso into the cupcake batter. the result was a warm, smokey taste that went perfectly with the chocolate. i loved them! 

i found great recipes for both the cupcakes here and the frosting here

give them a try on your next rainy day, i recommend having a big cup of hot coffee with them. 

xoxo cbe

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