Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cheer up chelsea chocolate cupcakes

my dear friend chelsea had a rough day yesterday. she was planning on coming over after work and i wanted to make a little something sweet to cheer her up and decided on chocolate something or other. i finally settled on chocolate cupcakes. i used this recipe (easy chocolate cupcakes). i put the cupcakes in the oven and after about 10 mins i realized i forgot the flour....oops. the cupcakes were not rising. so much for cupcakes, but then i decided to drop the pan which caused the center of the cupcakes to form craters. i baked them for 20 mins or so and then took them out to cool. i decided to fill the little craters with fresh chopped strawberries.

after i filled the little craters i made a chocolate cream cheese frosting. i wanted it to be almost like a chocolate syrup so i added a little milk to make the right consistency.

i used the remainder of the batter to make a small cake and once again dropped the pan and got a lovely crater to fill. this was not the dessert i had set out to make but it ended up being a lovely surprise. the cake was more brownie like and worked perfect with the strawberries and chocolate sauce.

it's funny how mistakes can sometimes turn into sweet surprises.

xoxo cbe

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