Monday, April 11, 2011

nailed it.....

ever since i can remember i have been obsessed with doing my nails. i have so many different nail polishes it's a little silly. i have every color and type you can think of. i always find that doing my nails relaxes me and lets me get a little creative. however, i have no patience when it comes to letting them dry. 

 last week my friend chelsea and i had a little girls getaway in steamboat. of course i suggested doing our nails as one of the major activities for the weekend. while we were at target (my favorite place ever) we came across the sally hansen nail strips. they were sooooo easy to apply and have held up beautifully. they are my new favorite. no waiting for them to dry, you can't mess 'em up and they take all of 10 minutes to apply.

they come in a variety of colors and patterns. i recommend taking a drive to you closest target and picking some up for yourself. i promise you will fall in love.

xo cbe

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