Saturday, April 16, 2011

hong kong

today is our last day in hong kong and probably the last day for internet. we have had such an amazing trip so far. hong king has completely blown my mind. it is unlike anything i could have every imagined. davis has been a great tour guide. it's so great to see what he has been up to the past 3 months. he has showed us all of his favorite places to eat, his school, neighborhood and apartment. it
is amazing to think that he has learned his way around such a large city in such a short time. 

tonight we leave for guilin. we have heard so many wonderful things about it from people in hong kong and i can't wait to see it. our taxi drive told us last night that it looks just like drawings. it should be wonderful. 

i will post a few photos just to show a little of what we have been up to. i'll will post a bunch more when i get home. 

xoxo cbe

the four of us at the peak overlooking hong kong


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