Wednesday, April 13, 2011

away we go........

barely slept at all last night, felt like the night before christmas. 
we leave for the airport in about an hour or so, i'm up making sure that i'm not forgetting anything major....won't really know until we get there i guess. 

i am so excited to get this adventure started!!!! 

i will try to update as much as possible, davis said that its quite difficult to blog over there. if not, i'll have a million stories and pictures when i get back.

and off we go!!!

p.s. to all my friends that i didn't get to say goodbye to, i'll miss you!!! xoxo
p.p.s. to collin and gigi, no wild parties, ice cream for breakfast or eating cookies in bed while i am away ;). i love you both and miss you already!!!!!

excited to have the 3 be 4 again. 

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